[INTERVIEW] 130524 – Céci Interview : 4Minute’s SLEEPOVER

Published May 24, 2013 by 4minuteportugal



Q: We at CECI already know you well. So we apologize in advance for asking the next question. As the name of your comeback single suggests, we will ask you the following common question “What’s your name?” Please introduce yourself in less than 15 syllables.

The girl who loves being on stage so much that she couldn’t live without it, Jihyun.

Q: Jihyun, the name that left a big impact on male idols. Did you receive any confession recently?

To be honest, rather than directly being asked out, I was told by my circle of friends that some people were interested in me. Truthfully, I’m not really popular?! Haha. Because I’m usually known as the ordinary member, so I don’t really have the chance to give people my contact details and I’m also not the type to start conversations during arranged meetings which I hate and find awkward. Now that I think about it, it may look like I enjoy living a boring life.

Q: The leader’s burden must be no joke.

If I said it wasn’t, it would be a lie. Even so, I tend to be cool about it and smile it away while working hard. I believe that seeing our hard work come to fruition after practicing for long hours until the sweat drips scatters any doubt we could have. As the oldest unnie, I feel obligated to brag about my younger members. 4minute is really cool. Even though they look imposing, they are surprisingly gentle and innocent yet very skilled. Although they look like in their element as idols on stage and play hard, it’s only a part they play. Their image off stage is a complete reversal.

Q: At the peak of your promotional activities, we heard Hyunah collapsed and we worried a lot. (This interview was conducted on May 13. [On the day of her discharge from the hospital.]

We couldn’t do anything besides being worried. It would be great if none of us would fall sick ever. (Here she stopped before she could continue, with teary eyes.) We shouldn’t only eat delicious things, but things that are healthy and good for the body! That’s what we must eat! (laughs)

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