[INTERVIEW] 130701 – The Melody Of Flower, Heo Gayoon

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Heo Gayoon’s skillful takeoff
In 4Minute’s glamorous stage performance, at some point you start to see Heo Gayoon. She who attracts your gaze even among the many, many girl groups, has become remarkably prettier and more fashionable. When asked what made her stand out this much, her answer was quite simple. “I’ve lived the trainee life since I was 14. There are a lot of times that I wanted to quit in the middle….” this year as well as for 10 years, she has somehow always been there. It’s just that she already began to quietly reveal her own light.


Left| A long, white, backless design dress classic.
Right| A black and white striped knit top that has a fine luster and looks soft.

You went through today’s shooting with almost no makeup.
Yes, I only did base makeup for my skin and only put a little bit of blush and lipstick on, but it’s still fun. For most other pictorials or on stage, it’s almost very thick.

Your skin is good and it seems that you’ve gotten prettier these days. Do you have a secret?
Firstly, I threw away any compulsions about diets. In the past, no matter what, I would not eat and then binge eat all afterwards and that wasn’t good for my health and it became a burden. These days, I eat when I’m hungry and it’s a trivial thing, but after a meal, I don’t drink coffee right away and am working hard to walk a lot. Since my skin is on the dry side, I’m working hard at moisturizing it.

Do you have a type of makeup that you like to do often?
For my eye shadow, to make various bends on my face, I like to do a gradient. I line my eyes naturally also, so that my eye shape looks deep. Asians say that it looks like it kind of hurts, but even so for me, I seem to match it, so I like it. Lined makeup looks a bit fake and also has a strong feel so these days I’m not doing it much.

We’re curious about any things for beauty habits or things that you eat for your health.
As a habit, not to touch or rub your face with your hands. Don’t thoughtlessly try recommended surgical procedures at dermatologist’s. I received a surgical procedure to remove a blemish for the first time but because of my schedule, I couldn’t stick on the regenerative tape and got a bigger scar, so I was upset. Don’t hide anything and be cautious of what you eat. I’m eating yeast protein my mom gave me for a supplement and she also said that it is good for a scalp that is bleached often.

That’s right, you bleach your hair a lot right?
Yes, not too long ago, we filmed a music video and feeling something weird flowing down my back that felt like sweat, I felt weird so I touched the back of my neck and it wasn’t sweat, it was discharge from my scalp.  Your scalp can’t stand excessive bleaching. There were even times when I slept and woke up that my pillow would be drenched in discharge.  I went to the hospital and received treatment and good care and they said that when your scalp is irritated, the best treatment method is to leave it alone. Cleanly washing it and completely drying your hair at night time is the best caring method.

Ah it was a dilemma that others didn’t know about. It’s a relief that your skin condition looks good.
When we do thick stage makeup I work really hard with cleansing. I erase eye makeup with eye makeup remover, cleanse with lotion type and cleanse again blotting my face with cleansing water, and then wash up my face with foam cleanser. Even if I don’t do this, my skin is a bit dry so I do a bit of cleansing to not worry.

Tell us three beauty items that you like.
When we had previous promotions, instead of lipstick, I insisted on just lip tint but nowadays, I’ve started to like lipstick. Since I’ve fallen for Mac’s Saigon Summer, I’m using it a lot. It’s a coral and orange color so it matches well with my skin that is a bit yellow. I like perfume also and tend to change with the season trend. Last winter was Coconut Vanilla scent from Creed Virgin Island, now I am using a present given to me from fans, Jo Malone. Since it’s the summer, carefully picking a suncream and meticulously applying it is important.

How do you pick products like suncream?
I get information from TV programs or magazines and the internet, and after I think that they’re okay, I find them and after I carefully find out about them, I purchase them. A recent product I’ve bought is a Japanese product, Hatomugi and I’m happily using it without burdens.


The white balloon sleeve blouse is Jardin de Chouette.

Do you buy makeup products even when you go overseas?
The perfume that doesn’t come to Korea is expensive in Korea, but the price is comparatively okay locally, so I tend to buy them there. For example, in the US, Fresh is cheaper than it is in Korea. Also, If you go to Sephora and look at this and that, especially if you’re buying a present, you can buy a lot and be proud when you give them as gifts, because it’s expensive (laughs).

When we look at Gayoon we can say you are very fashionable.
I originally like clothes a lot. So I am satisfied with my body even when worried people around me tell me that I am skinny. There are more clothes for lean bodies that you can find. Because they sell legwork, I also know some vintage shops and am watching rising designers. With the ‘2YOON’ promotions we wore a lot of costumes from a Thai designer. Because I am active in styling, I even participated in it. Now that everyone’s wearing brand names, I’ve come to find something newer.

A fashion item that you like.
Colorful and thick belts that can be practical and knee-socks with shoes. I excessively wore knee-socks to hide my thin ankles but they ended up attracting a lot of attention, and because my shoe size 220mm, is a small size… when a shoe design is pretty and it is available in my size, no matter how expensive it is, I buy it. If there is my size then I am thankful.

Come to think of it, your major is acting.
Um… When I was 14, I started a trainee life. My only dream was to become a singer and that hasn’t changed. Seeing as I trained music training for a long time, I didn’t want to go college also with a practical music major. So I chose the department of theater and film and unexpectedly, acting is new and fun.

Of course you will have greed for acting.
Of course. But, I am still in the process of preparing, and because there are a lot of things even in music that I haven’t been able to show yet, I’m  not urgently thinking about it. Because for the most part, 4Minute is a performance group, the vocals have to be sang and yelled sharply and thin. As much as I haven’t laughed while promoting on stage through 4Minute, should I call it a resolutely determined feeling? But, when promoting as 2YOON, there were things that I liked with the styling and makeup and the feel of the vocals was softer and on the brighter side so   I was able to try that.

To a 23 year old Heo Gayoon a club is?
A place that I haven’t been to except for once since I was born. Also a place where I modestly played with the 4Minute members to celebrate winning number one with ‘What’s Your Name’ when the company rented the whole second floor. But, coming down from the second floor and looking around, that place was a new world.

About a happy hobby.
Finding and exploring restaurants. Even when my schedule is busy, I’m happy when I look up or am introduced to restaurants and go to look for them. Because I am originally active, for my hobbies, I tend to enjoy sports like wake boarding. If we’re talking about a new hobby that I’ve fallen into, it would be planning a vacation for a week that I would get to myself while collecting books and various information about vacationing.

Lastly, things Gayoon-ssi will accomplish this year.
4Minute will be working hard on a special summer album that is coming out soon, this year on the fashion side, I want to try and be active, and when we announce the new album, I would like to try and lift people’s eyes as a costume director. Of course, musically, I would like to have many opportunities to show a mature image.


Left| The navy blue push button jacket is Jucy Couture, Sandals are Jill by Jill Stuart, and hat is Eudon Choi.
Right| The white midriff top is Soulpot Studio and the striped skirt is toe.

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