Initially, 4Minute was known as ” Hyun A’s Group” due to little information known about the group and Hyun A; a former Wonder Girls member who would re-debut with 4minute. Hyun A and Ji Hyun were the first members announced to be in the 5 member group. On May 14, 2009 Cube Entertainment released the official name of the group and slated their official debut for mid-June. In a statement, Cube Entertainment defined the meaning of the name “4minute” stating that they “…will give off each of their charms while performing for that 4 minute long performance on the stage, captivating the hearts of fans.” The teaser for “Hot Issue”, their debut MV, was released on June 11, 2009. However, the teaser sparked controversy amongst netizens who claimed the teaser plagiarized an iPod advertisement.

Cube Entertainment released concept photo’s of 4minute on June 12, 2009; promoting the “Candy Funky Style”. 4minute was criticized by Netizens who declared 4minute was similar to 2NE1 and After School. Cube Entertainment assured netizens that 4minute was unique stating “Their Candy Funky Stye is different from After School, who does vivid colours and 2NE1 with the Hip Hop style. “Candy Funky” is currently very famous in Europe with the spirit of ‘Let’s go back to the 1980s’.” Regardless, 4minute became the #1 searched phrase on Daum, and their popularity increased before their debut. On June 15, 2009 the music video for “Hot Issue” was officially released. 4minute debuted “Hot Issue” on June 18, 2009 on M! Countdown, then won the “Rookie of the Month” award from Cyworld with “Hot Issue” on July 1, 2009.

Sony Korea chose 4minute’s un-released song “MUZIK” as their MP3 Player theme, which was played in the CM. Sequentially, “ShoeMarker”, a shoe company, collaborated with 4minute who endorsed their product while 4minute was asked to represent the relaunch of Pucca, a South Korean character brand. “Hot Issue” continued to have immense popularity digitally. On August 3, 2009 4minute was awarded the “Rookie of the Month” award from Cyworld for “Hot Issue”.

4minute acquired a Reality Show through MTV titled MTV 4minute. The show, which was a total of 20 episodes and 4 minutes long, first aired on August 10, 2009. 4minute completed promotions for “Hot Issue” and began preparing for their first mini-album.


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